District Muscel, sub-district Nucşoara

This jurisdiction spanned in the Noth-West of district Muscel, a territory situated today in the district of Argeş. It bordered natural landmarks such as the river Vâlsan to the West, Mountains Moldoveanu, Gălăşescu, Slănina, Urlea, Zârna, Brătila to the North; the Iezer-Păpuşa massive (that fell in this sub-district), Câmpulung Depression and hill Ciocanu to the East. To the South it was limited by  series of small hills, between the villages Pârâeşti and Berivoeştii Pământeni.

It was categorized as a ”plai”, meaning that it was a mountainous sub-district. Apart from the way the border was organized, this kind of administrative unit functioned like all others.

The sub-district was inhabited only on a strip of land in its Southern side, where hills met the mountains, extending along valleys and depressions. Here layed eleven administrative villages, each composed of one or more hamlets: Stăneşti, Pârâieşti, Corbşori, Poenărei, Corbi, Nucşoara, Secăturile, Slănic, Berivoeştii Ungureni, Berivoeştii Pământeni, Albeşti. Our sample numbers a total of 4,676 villagers, although the entire recorded population was slightly higher, given the shortages of preserved material (see below).

The census forms of Nucşoara are preserved today as copies sent to Bucharest, certified by the local sub-prefect, Toma Urianu. They were bound in a single book, kept today by the National Archives, fond Catagrafii, no. I/57. The book contains 75 pages and covers all of the villages, but with missing information for 24 houses from village Stăneşti.

This material was transcribed in its entirety. Based on the transcription a dataset was compiled. The process was performed by Bogdan Mateescu (project director) in 2020 and 2021.

Interested audiences have free access to the digitized material, we only ask that it is cited where it is being used in publications.

Population sample:

1837-8 general census forms of sub-district Nucşoara-Muscel. Historical microdata file,Dem-Ist database. Bogdan Mateescu 1.0

Dataset with numeric codes for sex, family relation, household relation, occupation (HISCO codes) and quality variables.

Cite this material as follows: 1837-8 general census forms of sub-district Nucşoara-Muscel [historical microdata file,Dem-Ist database. Bogdan Mateescu] 1.0. demist.iini.ro. 2021


Page numbers and the aggregates calculated by the census taker, for each village:

1837-8 content list of census book of sub-district Nucşoara-Muscel

Cite this material as follows: 1837-8 content list of census book of sub-district Nucşoara-Muscel [historical aggregates, Dem-Ist. Bogdan Mateescu] 1.0. demist.iini.ro. 2021

Interactive map. The villages of the sub-district, their pages within the census book and population according to the population sample.


Last update: September 12, 2021